Thursday, 30 November 2017

We've moved... NEW UPDATE!

Hello again everyone, it's Mosope Ominiyi here.. and this is a reminder to those who may potentially be unaware that I'm still writing! 

As I stressed during an early update (three years ago, mind!), I have moved all of my content elsewhere. A range of different technical difficulties made it too time-consuming and frustrating to continue posting my pieces on Blogger, hence why I had moved. 

If you liked my content on here, enjoyed reading and/or have any feedback for articles, take a look at where I am now (and have been since 2014): 

Outside of the Boot (2016-present)

CLICKON Sport (2017-present)

VAVEL, editor and writer (2014-16)

Daily Cannon (2015-17)

and much more in-between! 

My sports journalism portfolio is available to view, on WordPress:

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Follow me on Twitter: @Football365Mo