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LIVE Commentary of Swansea vs Arsenal:


Newcastle 1 QPR 0

New QPR manager Mark Hughes failed to get off to a winning start at the Sports Direct Arena as striker Leon Best scored the only goal of the game after 37 minutes.

Leon Best scoring the only goal of the match against QPR.

Newcastle move up to 6th place above Liverpool and QPR go down to 18th place.

LIVE Commentary of Swansea vs Arsenal:
I am expecting an entertaining game as two of the EPL's best passing sides go head-to-head...


Vorm, Rangel, Caulker, Williams, Taylor, Britton, Dyer, Agustien, Allen, Sinclair. Subs: Tremmel, Routledge, Monk, Lita, Moore, Richards, Sigurdsson.

FACT: Swansea are the 6th best passers of football - in the world (behind Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Inter and Bayern Munich).
FACT: Have only lost once at home this season - against Manchester United (1-0)

Szczesny, Djororou, Mertesacker, Miguel, Koscielny, Benayoun, Ramsey, Van Persie, Song, Walcott and Arshavin. Subs: Almunia, Henry, Yennaris, Chamberlain, Rosicky, Park, Squillaci.

FACT: Arsenal have conceded 22 goals away from home this season.

0: The match has kicked off here at the Liberty Stadium.
0: Agustien with a shot from 20 yards out..... MISS!!!
2: Swansea are trying to pass the ball around here.

4: Robin Van Persie on the ball from an Arshavin pass.... he passes 2 defenders and takes a shot at the far post.... GOAL!!! Van Persie breaks the deadlock for Arsenal after 4 minutes!!!
That's his 17th goal of the season..... he is on fire!!!
Swansea 0 Arsenal 1.
6: Arsenal free-kick from 27 yards out.... dips into the box.... goes out for a goal-kick.
8: Misplaced pass goes out for an Arsenal throw-in.
13: Swansea are looking dangerous here.
15: Dyer with the ball at his feet inside the 18 yard box... he is caught by Aaron Ramsey who clips his leg.... PENALTY!!!
16: Striker Scott Sinclair to take the penalty.... he places the ball beyond Sczcesny into the right hand side of the net to score his 6th goal of the season.
18: Swansea free-kick from 26 yards out... deflected out for a corner.
19: Corner is taken... cleared away by Laurent Koscielny.
23: Wasted cross chance by Scott Sinclair.
24: All the cameras are focused on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who is frustrated at the moment after losing his 1-0 lead.
26: Arsenal free-kick taken long by Szczesny.
27: Swansea on the counter attack..... Arsenal's defence saw it though.
28: England manager Fabio Capello has been spotted in the crowd today.... spying on some of Swansea's players (mostly Scott Sinclair)
29: Robin Van Persie with the ball at his feet... he has space here.... he shoots from 14 yards out.... GOOD SAVE!!! by Michel Vorm to deny the Dutchman his second of the game.
30: Benayoun with a tackle from a dangerous position... Free-kick taken by Joe Allen... Sinclair with a header.... Van Persie clears the ball off the line!!!! (Szczesny was ready though...)
Theo Walcott's passes and crosses have been second best so far in this first half... he needs to step up if he does not want to be subbed....
33: Swansea are playing beautiful football here.... Arsenal and all football fans are in ore..
34: 1st half Possession:
Swansea 63% Arsenal 37%

35: Defender Per Mertesacker clears away a Swansea cross..
35: Arsenal on the counter with Arshavin... he passes the ball to Miguel... but is offside.
36: Free-kick taken by Vorm.
39: Swansea midfielder Nathan Dyer darts across the wing and gets passes Miguel with ease... shoots from 16 yards out... Szczesny holds the ball safely.
40: Swansea are looking to get a second goal before the break here... to give the fans something to shout about.
41: Van Persie strayed offside. Swansea take a quick free-kick and continue to pass.
44: Arsenal free-kick taken by Andrey Arshavin... curls into the box... comfortable save for Vorm.
45: The fourth offical signals for 2 minutes of stoppage time to be added on here.
45+1: Nice build up play by Arsenal... but Kemy Agustien read the pass and intercepted.
45+2: The referee blows the whistle for half-time here at The Liberty Stadium.


Swansea City 1 Arsenal 1
This has been a very interesting first 45 minutes here.... lots of passes which was expected, and we have not been disappointed. 
Lots of chances for both sides and it has been a very disclipined first-half with no yellow cards.
Can Swansea dominate the 2nd half and win here? Can captain Van Persie save the day again for The Gunner? We will see in the second half....

45: The referee kicks off the second half here at The Liberty Stadium.
Swansea SUB:

Sigurdsson ON
Agustien OFF
45: Theo Walcott takes a shot from 12 yards out... OVER THE BAR!!!
46: Cameras have shown Thierry Henry warming up for Arsenal.
47: Theo Walcott with the ball at his feet... he passes to Ramsey who passes the Arshavin. He takes a shot from 23 yards out... OVER THE BAR!! Wasted chance by the Russian.
48: Swansea corner... taken by Sigurdsson.... cleared away by the Arsenal defence.
50: Swansea midfielder Nathan Dyer with the ball at his feet inside the Arsenal box.... he shoots... it's curling... it's curling!!! OUT!!!
54: Sigurdsson set to take Swansea's 5th corner of the match... whipped into the box... cleared away by Benayoun.
55: Arsenal defender Miguel gives the ball away , now Swansea can dominate possession again.
56: Arsenal goal-kick taken long by Szczesny.
57: Ramsey loses the ball to Joe Allen who passes to Nathan Dyer... he shoots the ball from 20 yards out... GOAL!! It flew past Sczcesny....
60: Scott Sinclair sprints past Djororou before passing to Joe Allen. Swansea can now play a game called 'pass and move'.
62: Swansea are playing pass and move well here.
Arsenal SUB:
Andrey Arshavin OFF
Yossi Benayoun OFF
Thierry Henry ON
Tomas Rosicky ON
63: Arsenal are being dominated here...
64: Henry with the ball.. passes to Van Persie, lays-off Rosicky who shoots from 25 yards out with a stinging drive... JUST WIDE!!!
65: 25 minutes left here at The Liberty. Arsenal need to become the 1st team to score 2 goals away from home against Swansea if they are to get back into this game.
67: Nice build-up play by Arsenal here with Song and Rosicky passing well... they need to create chances though if they want to win.
68: Aaron Ramsey is carring a knock here... he looks in pain but wants to continue.
68: Johan Djororou with a through ball towards Theo Walcott... he runs past the defender and chips the goalkeeper... GOAL!!!! Arsenal are back in this match!
69: Sigurdsson passes the ball to striker Danny Graham who places th ball into the left bottom corner of the net. 3-2!!! What was that!!! Arsenal celebrate, Swansea score.... You score 1, we score 1. Swansea 3 Arsenal 2, What a match and there is still 20 minutes left!
74: Arsenal are pushing for that 3rd goal of the match.
Alex Song with the ball, passes to Theo Walcott who has a run at the Swansea defence..... crosses in the box... cleared away for a corner.
75: Van Persie crosses the ball... cleared away.
76: The announcer has just said that the attendance at the Liberty for the game is: 20,409, which is the record attendance at the Liberty.
77: Arsenal SUB:
Per Mertesacker OFF
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain ON

Alex Song moves to CB, Chamberlain moves into Song's position, but pushes up to create chances.

79: Danny Graham with the ball... passes to Joe Allen, cleared away by Djororou.
80: 10 minutes left here.... Anything is possible still.
Scott Sinclair looks dangerous on the wing for Swansea.
81: Swansea SUB:
Nathan Dyer OFF
Wayne Routledge ON
82: Midfielder Aaron Ramsey with a shot from 14 yards out... comfortable save for Michel Vorm.
84: Swansea are looking dangerous here in the last few minutes of the match. They have fire in their belly, Arsenal do not.
86: Aaron Ramsey passes to Djororou, out of danger.... to try and salvage something in the last few minutes. Chamberlain on the wing... runs at the defender, beats him and crosses the ball to midfielder Tomas Rosicky who shoots... but hits the ball over the bar.
Arsenal need to be taking these types of chances... which they are not, hence why they are not winning.
90: 4 minutes of stoppage time to be added on here.
90+2: Danny Graham OFF
Leroy Lita ON
Classic move to waste time here...
90+3: Swansea fans blowing whistles here... 10 seconds left....
Taking their time obviously.
90+4: The referee blows the whistle here at The Liberty.


Swansea City 3 Arsenal 2

Striker Robin Van Persie celebrating his opener for Arsenal after 4 minutes.

Striker Scott Sinclair slotting Swansea's equaliser after 16 minutes.

Midfielder Nathan Dyer striking past Szczesny to make it 2-1 to Swansea in the 56th minute.

They came from 1-0 behind to win 3-2.
What a match with 5 different scorers, Arsenal should have taken their chances.... but wasted shot after shot. Swansea outplayed us (Arsenal) and dominated the match with precise passes all over the pitch. There were 23 shots in total for both teams. They were unlucky with the penalty but either way, they would have lost anyways.
A breathtaking match nonetheless with 2 goals in less than 1 minute and it just shows you how open the whole of the EPL is this season.

The Gunners stay 5th place but drop 3 points in the race for a Top 4 finish. Swansea move up to the top half of the table, into 10th place.

My Man of the Match: Robin Van Persie
He worked hard throughout the match and never stopped working despite losing. He scored the opener with a great shot and created chances (which half the team failed to do)

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