Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why Chelsea will regret selling Mata - Review:

Hello and welcome to my latest blog post, where I review the biggest transfer of this current January transfer window, as Chelsea have confirmed that Spanish midfielder Juan Mata has signed for Manchester United on an undisclosed contract for £37.1million pounds, with manager Jose Mourinho admitting that he was "powerless" to stop Mata from leaving - as he wanted more first-team football and wants to get into the World Cup squad for June's internationals. 

Spanish maestro: Mata has won 78 international caps for Spain so far, with 32 at senior level. 

Number 8: Mata is a signal of intent for United, who want to secure a top 4 place this season.

Done: Mata met new manager David Moyes at the Carrington training ground on Thursday.
I am reviewing the transfer on how it affects the relationship between both clubs, the rest of the Premier League, the signal of intent it shows from Manchester United and the carelessness from Chelsea's part - letting their midfielder maestro and Player of the Year (twice in a row, I might add) leave to one of their rivals regardless of the form United have showed at the start of the current season. 

The reasons why I feel that Chelsea are making a big mistake in letting Mata leave;
  • Selling arguably your best player to a rival club - Mata is the whole package (skills, movement, vision and attacking flair)
  • Keeping him in the same league as you, more competition
  • When you have just recently signed wingers, in the hope that they can shift into the centre of midfield to replace Mata..
  • Even though Chelsea have strength in depth (in terms of central midfielders) surely it would make more sense to sell players like John Obi Mikel instead of Mata?
  • The midfield trio of Hazard, Oscar and Mata was irresistible, take one out and the others are not the same anymore
  • United will get stronger now with Mata in their side, a front four of; Januzaj, Mata, Rooney and van Persie
  • One of those players that is very hard to replace, no matter how much it costs
Mata was key to Chelsea's midfield and even though it was evident that he was unhappy at his treatment over first-team football, Mourinho should have let him play more often or even sell him to a club outside of England, if he was adamant on leaving the club.

For example, teams like PSG and Real Madrid were waiting patiently to see if Mata was going to get sold - fair enough they are Champions League rivals but you will not play them for majority of games, whilst United are in the SAME league.

I cannot say that I blame Mata for wanting to leave The Blues, after some poor man management on Mourinho's part who virtually froze Mata out of his first-team plans for no apparent reason, instead opting to play Oscar for the majority of games whilst the World Cup winner watched from the bench.

Oscar (centre) has the potential to be one of the best central midfielders in the game, but he should have been partnered up with Mata...
Missing link: Chelsea fans are furious at the decision to sell Mata, which is understandable.

He admitted from the start that Mata was not going to be in his immediate plans unless he showed that he could defend with the rest of the team, but not all CAMs are expected to track back and help the team on the backfoot. Mata was one of the players who did his job, not exactly known for his defending but did help out when he was required, yet Mourinho wanted to move his position which would not work. 

Mourinho left Mata on the bench for the majority of matches, unsurprisingly he got frustrated and left.  
I have a good feeling that Mata will settle in quickly and well with the rest of the Manchester United squad, I do not see why he cannot produce some great attractive link-up play and help The Red Devils to secure a top 4 finish by the end of this season.

That is arguably Mourinho's biggest mistake. Selling Mata, to a team that could quite easily challenge them for their own position in the league table. 

We will see... can't help but think that Mata will be a great signing for United and Mourinho will be kicking himself for failing to realise the talent at his footsteps. 

Done deal: Mata has already signed an undisclosed contract with United.

Midfield gem: Chelsea supporters will be kicking themselves as they see this picture...