Friday, 13 September 2013

England vs Ukraine - Analysis + Review:

Hello and welcome to my latest blog post, where I have a review of England's latest World Cup 2014 qualifying match against Ukraine which was played on Tuesday night. 

England were desperate to beat their qualification rivals Ukraine on Tuesday night, because a win would mean they would be comfortable at the top of their World Cup 2014 qualifying group stage ahead of rivals Poland and Ukraine. However, they were struggling to attack for the most part of the game and some slow build-up play resulted in a lack of chances for The Three Lions as they struggled to take their chances in-front of goal. 

Southampton striker Rickie Lambert started the game, but did not get much service up-front and was not able to have a positive impact on the game as he has in his two previous games for England - with rumoured Liverpool target Yarmolenko being the most impressive player on the pitch, skinning Walker and Cole on the wings on the counter attack.

The game finished 0-0, with many fans both relieved that England did not concede or lose the game but also there was some criticism for them as the expectation was to dominate and beat Ukraine comfortably. To be fair, Ukraine are not an exactly amazing side, but have a good team spirit and a few good individual players like Yarmolenko (but not household names in their squad) so it was surprising that England struggled to be them, away from home or not. 

Thank you for reading my short blog post today, I just wanted you guys to read some content before the EPL restarts again tomorrow.

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I will be back later on today or tomorrow for Champions League Match Previews on the first matchday of the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League season (Tuesday and Wednesday next week) as well as coverage from the EPL tomorrow (after the long international break) aswell as my own review of some deadline day signings (Fellaini and Ozil) and a EPL preview. Speak to you all later everyone. Have a nice Friday the 13th ;)