Saturday, 26 April 2014

Moyes SACKED by United - Analysis and review:

United have sacked Moyes less than 12 months into his tenure at United after a poor season, but in this post I will be talking about why it was NOT deserved, as well as why he should have stayed. 
Hello again everyone and welcome to my latest blog post, where I have my thoughts on what I believe to be an unfair dismissal on United's part, sacking manager David Moyes less than one-year into his 6-year contract deal with the club. 

In this post, I will be talking about why he should NOT have been sacked, and how the future looks: 

I want to get this out because the following is my own personal opinion, based on a neutral football opinion looking at both sides of the story. If you are anti-Moyes or you don't want to read on, you don't have to, but I feel that I need to get this out:

Manchester United confirmed on Tuesday morning that they sacked Moyes, meaning that he is no longer their boss. He will be replaced by 40-year-old veteran and Welsh midfield legend Ryan Giggs until the end of the season as they try to find a permanent replacement at the helm of the club.

Now firstly, I honestly don't think that Moyes deserved to be sacked. At the end of the day, the team have been underachieving this season, and he was made the scapegoat for their failures. 

You cannot compare the side they had last season to the one they currently have, simply because of the fact that the signing of van Persie (from Arsenal) and Ferguson's winning mentality virtually won United the title last year.

It was always going to be hard for any manager to have to replace someone as historic as Sir Alex - with 25 years of experience as manager of the club, he had the highest reputation and respect a manager could only dream of years as boss of the club and he had the highest reputation and respect a manager could only dream of in modern-day football.

Moyes on the other hand had been working his magic as Everton manager, and despite the team not having many standout performers when he arrived at Goodison, he made sure that he used his money wisely and made some shrewd signings and bargain deals to make sure that he was buying quality players for cheap, something that most managers struggle to do, to this day.

He was on the brink of getting Everton into European competition (the likes of Europa League and Champions League), and the sudden appointment of him at Old Trafford obviously did not go down well with the majority of supporters, which is understandable seeing as they did not expect him to be the kind of boss to drive them forward to bigger and better things.

He didn't have enough time to change the team around, and didn't have the backing from many members of the board, supporters groups and the players looked as though they lack confidence every time they played under him - which is not exactly his fault, seeing as he can only do the best job possible under his own management. 

People have been saying things such as "he's a footballing genius" and #MoyesOut every time that United lose a game this season, but the solid fact of the matter is that you cannot automatically blame the manager for the team's failures.

Yes of course, you would expect Moyes to take some of the responsibility of the team not playing well, and try and improve it for the future - but if he has not got the backing from the players then who do you expect to listen to him when things go wrong?

So amid constant rumours and speculation, I'm not surprised that he's gone, but I feel that it is a real shame. Because, he should have had enough time (at least 2-3 years to prove his worth and get the support he deserved in the first-place) to turn the team around. He isn't a quick-fix manager, he is a long-term replacement (and a good one at that) for a manager who dominated Europe for over 20 years.

If they didn't want him, they shouldn't have appointed him in the first place. Would have saved time, money, a lot of stress and un-necessary pressure on him. 

I personally feel sorry for a manager who has developed significantly with experience and should have had time to prove himself, I just hope that he gets back into management soon at a good European club who will be patient with him.

United's managerial future doesn't look too good if they are going to be sacking managers after a lacklustre first season in charge (which wasn't even his fault).

Klopp and van Gaal are among the favourites to take over in the summer, but I'm still unsure whether they would want to take over an club with an unstable future based on this season's developments. 

Speak to you all later.