Friday, 9 May 2014

EPL: Worst signings of the season -

Hello and welcome to my latest blog post, where I analyse and review some of the worst and most ineffective transfers of the season in the EPL, whether it be a waste of money or the wrong investment from the club concerned, many teams have bought players they probably should not have this season.

This is not in any way me having a go/judging the players involved, but sometimes you can tell that you are not "fit for purpose" at football clubs. 

So here is my list of the worst signings of the season, don't hesitate to tweet me your list or any more additions you'd put in at @Football365Mo

  • Marouane Fellaini - £27.5million from Everton
Well. Fellaini is a good player, but hee should not have gone to Manchester United in the first place. He was a panic buy and was specifically suited Everton's style in the heart of midfield, where he was flourishing. 

Out of his comfort zone: Fellaini has struggled since his big-money move from Everton to United
The intensity and style of United is completely different, and the Belgian has had to find this out the hard way. With only 1 assist and 5 chances created in 16 matches played this season, he needs to improve or expect even more criticism next year. Still a good player, I stress.
  • Iago Aspas - £7million from Celta Vigo
Perhaps harsh, but when you sign a player, you expect them to do well. It takes time to settle in and start performing well, especially as a striker (wait for the next player about that..) and maybe it's a combination of not having his chance to prove himself and the money spent, but Aspas has been a waste of money so far. 14 matches played in his first season, he has more assists that goals. 1 assist, no goals. Ouch.

Ineffective so far: Aspas has failed to live up to his price tag at Anfield
  • Roberto Soldado - £26million from Valencia
Decent player, but not currently living up to his pricetag of almost £30million pounds. Was expected to "spearhead" the Spurs attack at the start of the season along with Chadli and Lamela, but the exact opposite happened.

Soldado needs to up his game next season, only 6 goals this season and 4 from the penalty spot.
Do not like to single anyone out but if he had scored 20+ goals this season, he probably could have pushed Spurs further than they have done this season because they have underperformed. 

Not used the money from the sale of Bale correctly, only 2 or 3 good signings from almost £100million...

A striker is supposed to score goals right? Well just consider the very real fact that he has only scored two goals from open play this season. (the rest have been penalties) 
  • Erik Lamela - £30million from Roma
It's all about the money. Roma will probably be laughing right now, £30million in the bank and the team they sold one of their most promising forwards to is yet to see exactly why they paid £30million for him.

Plagued by injury, the Argentinian winger has disappointed everyone in his first season. You cannot exactly blame anyone but Spurs on this one, pay £30million for someone who warms the bench and gets injured - great investment.

Reputation: Spurs fans are disgruntled - as seen on this sign posted on lamposts back in April
Injury-plagued: Lamela has not had the perfect start to his Spurs career, let's just say that.
Hopefully he proves everyone wrong next season, because his stats at the minute do not help the situation. 9 matches played, wasted talent? 
  • Jozy Altidore - £6million from AZ Alkmaar
A player who had potential to be a good bargain signing. Strong, fast, beats defenders off the ball and is supposedly clinical. 

Sunderland will not agree with that though. The signing looked encouraging but a combination of a lack of encouraging performances and a lack of goals has seen Jozy Altidore's name on the list. The Black Cats were looking for a saviour to stop them from the possibility of relegation, especially in the past month or so. 

They didn't need Altidore though. Borini and Wickham did their jobs. Take note Jozy.

Oh dear: Altidore has scored only 1 GOAL in 30 appearances for Sunderland this season.
  • Ricky van Wolfswinkel - £8.5million from Sporting Lisbon
There is a pattern emerging here isn't there? Too much money spent on player - player underperforms - not worth it. Same with Ricky. £8.5million and yet he has scored the same amount of goals this season as Altidore (above). 

van Wolfswinkel looked decent in his first few games, but since then has been virtually invisible in-front of goal
Most clubs could build a team around £8.5million worth, van Wolfswinkel struggled massively and will find himself having to push Norwich back into the top flight of English football unless they can win 17-0 on Sunday against Arsenal. Don't count on it.
  • Kostas Mitroglou - £12million from Olympiakos
It's slightly harsh to put your hopes on a striker to save you from relegation, but just like Cardiff, Fulham were desperate to avoid the drop zone and needed a talismanic striker to carry them away from the bottom three.

Sign a player of Champions League-calibre from a Greek side (in this case Olympiakos) and you would naturally expect him to perform well right? 

Bad move? Mitroglou signed for Fulham in January, but has only played 150 minutes of football since then
Wrong. First of all, they signed him in January, when they had already started to struggle. Second of all, they forgot to factor in that he was unfit, and he was learning a new language (English). Lastly, they barely played him at all and he got injured frequently with niggles and knocks galore.

What makes it worse is the fact that they let arguably their best player leave the club on a loan deal to an upcoming team that will play in the Champions League next season, partyly thanks to THEIR player's contribution. But that's just mind-baffling.

If only: Berbatov joined Monaco, and has 6 goals and 4 assists in 11 appearances. 
Guess how many games the £12million pound signing played in? 3. That says it all. 
  • Kim Kallstrom - loan deal from Spartak Moscow
Arguably controversial, but as a signing it was not an effective one. Kallstrom was the only signing that Arsene Wenger announced in a busy January transfer window - but you would have expected him to make an impact signing, someone who would bring flair and motivation to the side, who were trying to hold off their title rivals at the time.

Instead, he signs an experienced Swedish midfielder on-loan who looks encouraging but turns out to have an injury, and is out for 3 months with a back injury... 

Recently fresh from injury, too late! Loan signings are supposed to be for players to get game time, but Kallstrom has had the oppposite effect.