Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bale to Real? Analysis:

Another summer transfer saga for you guys - in the form of red-hot Welsh winger and Tottenham player Gareth Bale, who is of increasing interest to one of the best clubs in world football, Real Madrid.

Red-hot talent: Gareth Bale is subject to a world-record £85million pound bid from Real Madrid..
Tottenham Hotspur found a real gem in Bale six years ago, as they found him at the Southampton youth academy, saw his potential and talent before instantly signing him up as a Spurs player. 

Boy wonder: Bale was evidently going to be a great player from his days at Southampton.

Today, they will be so happy that they were first to the Welsh gem as he has devloped into a world-class player, both defensively and on the attack.

Unfortunately for Tottenham, Bale's impressive performances over the past three years have made him very valuable, along with interesting some of the world's best teams like Bayern and Real Madrid. However much they would like to keep him, the fact of the matter is the longer he stays at Spurs the most wanted he is. 
This is why Real have wanted to sign him up quickly, so he will be intergrated into a new, younger Madrid squad with more quality players around him to get him settled.

Winning the PFA Young Player and Player of the Year Award this year has doubled his transfer value, along with virtually carrying Tottenham to 5th place last season has just made Real want Bale even more, because they know he is an amazing player and want him to join their Spanish revolution.

Tottenham are desperate to keep Bale, having rejected two bids for him in excess of £60million pounds plus Coentrao and Di Maria, but the latest offer made earlier today of over £85million pounds has got everyone in the world excited and in shock. Spurs are yet to reject/accept the offer, but it is evident that they are holding out for more money to try and replace him with strong reinforcements in the coming months. 

Football nowadays is very inflated depending on performance and age in terms of transfers, and Bale is not worth £85million+ despite having an amazing season last term. 

There are players like Borussia Dortmund winger Marco Reus and FC Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery who are on the same level as Bale but cost over half less than he does, simply because he plays in a much more recognised league. Bale on his current form is probably worth between £45-55million pounds, none more. Real like to overpay for their players though, to try and make a bold statement..

If not better: Marco Reus is on the same level as Bale but is not worth as much simply because of the league he plays in....
You feel that Tottenham will have no choice but to sell Bale if he forces a move out of the club - saying he wants to leave by handing in a transfer request. At the minute, he has not but the chance to play for one of the best clubs in world football is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would be no surprise to see him leave Spurs to join the likes of Benzema, Ronaldo and Ramos in a Real Madrid shirt next season.

Dream move: Gareth Bale could be in a Real Madrid shirt next season, if Spurs are happy with Real's bid.   

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