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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea - UEFA Super Cup Final LIVE Commentary:

Champions League vs Europa League: Chelsea vs Bayern Munich - Part 2.

Hello again everyone and welcome to my latest blog post, where I have another LIVE Commentary for you in the shape of a Friday night, UEFA Super Cup Final between Champions League winners Bayern Munich and Europa League champions Chelsea. 

Both sides played against each other in the Champions League Final last year in May, with Didier Drogba's penalty spot kick from a tense shootout sealing Chelsea's fate to become the first London club to win the UEFA Champions League.

Bayern felt hard done by and were determined to win the CL even
more this past year, since they had lost against The Blues on home turf at the Allianz Arena. They cruised past their group stage opponents, beat English side Arsenal luckily on the away goal rule (3-3 on aggregate) before destroyed Juventus and Barcelona with ease - who just happen to be two of the best teams in the world. 

Then, Bayern beat local German rivals Borussia Dortmund in an all-German CL final for the first time at Wembley. 

Meanwhile, their CL head-to-head rivals Chelsea had struggled to come to terms with the appointment of new manager Rafael Benitez so soon after saviour Di Matteo's sacking (ironically after the interim manager won them the CL) , and they finished third in a group with Juventus and Shakthar Donetsk (both of which progressed to the Last 16) where they automatically qualified for the knock-out rounds of the Europa League. 

They struggled at times and just about grinded out results against Rubin Kazan, Sparta Prague, Steaua Bucharest and Basel before meeting Portugese giants SL Benfica in the final at Amsterdam.
They got dominated by Benfica throughout for the most part of the match, but somehow lifted the trophy thanks to a last minute winner from Branislav Ivanovic to seal the game at 2-1.

It was a bitter-sweet win for Chelsea however, knowing they won the Champions League and then the Europa League the next season. 

Tonight marks the return of the rivalry between Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho.  If you can remember back to the days when both managers were in Spain (at Barca and Real respectively), they were always involved in tight, tense matches which culminated in victories for either manager in their bid to show the rest of the world that they deserved the title of "Best manager in the world."

Mourinho said publicly last year that the reason Guardiola resigned from Barca was because "he was scared" of the Portugese 55-year-old, who was eager to continue their rivalry. Mourinho was appointed as the new Chelsea manager last month, and fate has brought these two managerial heavyweights together again, in a heavily-anticipated match. 

Here are the team line-ups from tonight's final in Prague: 

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Rafinha, Dante, Boateng, Alaba, Muller, Lahm, Kroos, Ribery, Mandzukic and Robben.

Subs: Starke, Van Buyten, Contento, Javi Martinez, Shaqiri, Gotze and Pizarro. 

Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Luiz, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle and Torres. 

Subs: Schwarzer, Azpilicueta, Terry, Essien, Mikel, Mata, Lukaku.

19:45: And the referee blows his whistle to start the UEFA Super Cup Final in Prague.... Bayern vs Chelsea.. let's go!

8: GOAL! Spanish striker Fernando Torres has broken the deadlock with a thumping strike after a great run by Belgian winger Eden Hazard who skinned the Bayern defenders with his electric pace before passing the ball onto the wing for Andre Schurrle to cross into Torres to finish. 

Thumping strike: Chelsea striker Fernando Torres breaks the deadlock in the 8th minute.

11: Good team-work from The Blues, 1-0 to the London side but Bayern look even more hungry to get back into the game now.  

13: CLOSE! Schurrle with some good play to win a corner after a block by full-back David Alaba - but the corner is well held by Manuel Neuer. 

16: Chelsea look dangerous on the counter attack at the moment, the partnership between Hazard, Torres and Schurrle is baffling the Bayern defence at the moment and they need to capitalize if they are to double the lead and become comfortable in possession. 

18: Bayern trying to "start from the back" passing the ball from the back until they find space to shoot at goal. Chelsea are trying to press, with Ramires and Lampard doing well to prevent any fast attacks on the wing.

21: GOOD SAVE! Petr Cech does well to deny the official 2012-13 "Best Player in Europe" winger Franck Ribery from equalising with a nice, low finesse shot which was curling into the bottom corner of the net. He had to get down low to save the shot, and makes a good general save. 

24: Good set-piece opportunity here for Bayern - a  swinging free-kick to be taken by Robben. He plays it short to German midfielder Toni Kroos, who is overwhelmed by the good Chelsea pressure and loses the ball. Bad decision by Robben, Bayern could have scored or got a shot on target there.  

25: Good game so far, the atmosphere is not dull by any means and it is a fast paced, competitive game between two good sides. 

26: Signs of a Bayern break gradually approaching, England defender Gary Cahill had to head the ball clear.

27: LUCKY! David Luiz is let off luckily after accidentally colliding into Thomas Muller who was running into a goal-scoring position (with no-one but him and Cech to goal), however the German forward was marginally offside. 

28: Ribery goes close to scoring again, running into the box before cutting past Ramires and taking a strike but the shot narrowly went wide of Cech's goal. 

30: CLOSE! A real end-to-end game here, with Fernando Torres coming close to scoring again after great movement to take the ball from Schurrle just inside the box, before getting past Dante and striking the ball above Neuer over the bar.

Good signs from both teams, I would be surprised if it stayed at 1-0 now. Torres is showing good movement, looks more like his old self now. 

34: You are just starting to think how many chances it will take Franck Ribery before he gets a shot on target now... another chance gone begging there by the French winger. 

37: Solid defending by Gary Cahill to deny Thomas Muller from getting his strike near goal, after a good through ball Cahill blocked the shot at full stretch. 

40: Chelsea defender Gary Cahill gets a booking after an aerial challenge on Thomas Muller - was accidental but it was dangerous.

42: Chelsea free-kick after Ribery kicks out at Ivanovic after losing the ball inside the Chelsea area.  

45: The referee blows the whistle to end the first-half of action in Prague, with Chelsea leading by 1 goal to nil against the defending UEFA Champions League winners Bayern Munich. 

Both sides have played attacking football all half, but Chelsea have been the more dangerous - especially on the counter attack. Gary Cahill and David Luiz have also been solid at the back for The Blues, however the same cannot be said for Dante and Jerome Boateng. 

The pacy combination of Eden Hazard and Andre Schurrle is too much to handle for the Bayern duo, with Torres being the target man in the centre for the attacking midfielders to feed inside the box. 

Attacking intent: Hazard is playing very well for Chelsea - especially on the counter attack.

20:32 -
Bayern Munich are not exactly playing everyone in their preferred positions, with a notable change at right-back with Brazillian Rafinha playing at full-back instead of Phillip Lahm. Lahm is deputising in the centre of midfield, without Gotze or Shaqiri (both on the bench) 

However having said that, Ribery and Muller are both playing very well for Bayern, attacking football is their speciality and they are constantly putting pressure on the Chelsea defence. 

Struggle: Mario Mandzukic is trying, but as of yet has not tested Petr Cech to score.

20:45 - David Alaba looks dangerous on the wing when he goes on the overlap on the counter attack, Schurrle vs Alaba seems interesting from a defensive point of view. 
Great match so far, and like I said earlier it does not look like it will end 1-0.

20:50: The referee has blown his whistle to start the second half, as Chelsea look to double their lead and close out the game. 

47: GOAL! Ribery finally finishes off a chance, just at the start of the second half... a nice pass by Toni Kroos on the edge of the box before the French forward hit the ball powerfully into the bottom corner of the net, out of the reach of Petr Cech who could only dive towards the ball (even though it was always goal-bound)

51: Bayern Munich crowd is getting louder now after Ribery's finish, 1-1 and the game has become even more interesting - told you it wouldn't stay 1-0! :) 

53: The ability to create something out of nothing = Thomas Muller. He used his pace to keep the ball in play near the corner flag, before hitting the ball first time into the box and Cech had to parry the ball out to safety - close and could have been a goal if Cech didn't get it right. 

57: Now the balance has shifted, with Bayern trying to put all the attacking pressure on Chelsea. 

60: Decent chance by Chelsea, Schurrle with a good cross into the box for Torres to head onto - but he didn't get up high enough to connect with the delivery and the ball was cleared away to safety.     

62: CHANCE! Chelsea had a golden chance to go back into the lead, after a mistake by Dante gifts Oscar with the ball, but Neuer comes out and parries the ball away, only to Lampard however who shoots first time and the ball goes over the bar. Still 1-1. 

66: David Luiz vs Mario Mandzukic feud continues, after a body-to-body by the Portguese defender sees Mandzukic fall to a heap on the floor. The referee doesn't hesitate to show the yellow card to Luiz who feels unjust but doesn't argue. 

67: Commentators still in shock that Chelsea didn't finish their chance just then, after Robben has a shot but it swerves away from goal into the advertising bilboards.

68: Cameras show new Bayern midfield playmaker Mario Gotze is getting ready to come on the pitch, getting team instructions by Pep Guardiola.

70: Bayern Munich SUB:
Thomas Muller OFF
Mario Gotze ON 

Gotze replaces Muller in the centre of midfield with 20 minutes of normal time to play. If it stays like this, the game will go to extra time remember! 

73: Chelsea's midfield playmaker Juan Mata is now seen warming up on the touchline, getting ready to come on as a substitute. 

75: Bayern Munich down to ten men as Spanish defensive midfielder Javi Martinez is down in agony, but Ivanovic picks up the ball and the game is stopped momentarily.  

78: Chelsea corner whipped into the box well by Frank Lampard, and Branislav Ivanovic heads the ball powerfully towards goal but Manuel Neuer does well to save the shot and deny The Blues from scoring. 

83: RED CARD! Chelsea defensive midfielder Ramires is sent off for a second bookable offence after a dangerous tackle on Mario Gotze in a 50/50 challenge for the dead ball (means not moving if you didn't know already)

85: Chelsea SUB:
Andre Schurrle OFF
John Obi Mikel ON

This will hurt Chelsea's counter attacking options, but it is a wise move by Mourinho to replace Schurrle for a defensive minded player as they look to see the game out until extra time at least unless they can score a late equaliser.   

89: Chelsea have a free-kick in a dangerous area, from 22 yards out with both David Luiz and Frank Lampard both standing over the set-piece after Torres was fouled late by Brazillian defender Dante. 

90: The free-kick is yet to be taken, but the fourth official has signalled for 3 minutes of stoppage time on the electronic board.

90+1: David Luiz steps up to take the free-kick, but the Bayern wall blocks the strike well. The ball is cleared, as Chelsea try and keep up the pressure. 

90+2: Chelsea trying to get the ball back into the Bayern half, but the Germans are pressurising them and not giving them comfortablity on the ball. 

90+3: The referee blows his whistle to end the 90 minutes, with extra time needed to separate the two sides. Ribery's 47th minute strike was the equaliser for Bayern but they have failed to take their chances in-front of goal ever since. However they have an advantage now that The Blues are down to ten men, after Ramires' dismissal. 

First half of extra time to come.  

90: The referee blows his whistle to start the first installment of extra time, with Chelsea looking to score quickly and stay strong at the back in order to hold out for the Super Cup victory they failed to get last year after a 4-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid.  

93: GOAL! Eden Hazard with a moment of attacking magic to skip past challenges from Lahm on the wing, along with Dante and Boateng before having a low strike towards goal past Neuer into the far bottom corner of the net. 

Neuer upon reflection should have saved the strike, but a good solo goal by Hazard nonetheless.   

98: Bayern are having all the possession (surprise surprise) but are unable to do anything concrete with the ball, Chelsea keep pushing them back into their own half. 

105: Just the one minute of stoppage time to be added on at the end of the first part of extra time, with Bayern trying to pressure for another goal. 

105+1: Half-time in extra time, still 2-1 to Chelsea, with 15 minutes left to hang on. 

105: Second half in extra time, just started with Chelsea desperate to get the game over and done with. Eager.  

108: Good save by Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, with a good parry to deny Mario Mandzukic from equalising with a powerful header near the far post.

110: Jose Mourinho is seen giving instructions to defender John Terry, who is stripping into his Chelsea colours right now. 

111: CLOSE! A header across goal by Mandzukic found Shaqiri in limited space just inside the 6-yard box - but his strike deflects off Ivanovic and goes out for a corner. 

112: Chelsea SUBSTITUTION:
Eden Hazard OFF
John Terry ON 

Defensive move by Chelsea to try and hang on now, Terry replacing Belgian winger Hazard who has been the deciding factor between the two sides.

116: Dangerous free-kick for Bayern, after a foul on Alaba just outside the box.  
Strike taken, good save by Cech to prevent the shot from going past him into the net. 

118: Mandzukic fails to deliver again after a good cross yet again by Alaba into the box - only minutes left now. 

120: The fourth official has signalled for one minute left, can Bayern equalise for penalties?!

120+1: Alaba crosses the ball into the box... the ball falls to Javi Martinez who runs towards the ball and places the ball past Cech into the bottom corner of the net! 2-2!!!! Great late drama. 


Bayern to take first... Alaba = 1-0. Great finish past Cech.

David Luiz for Chelsea.... = 1-1. Sent Neuer the wrong way.  

Kroos to make it 2-1 to the Germans... and he does. Cooly slotted down the bottom corner of the net, with Cech helpless to deny the midfielder.

Oscar for Chelsea.... GOAL! Stutter penalty, but his shot goes into the top corner of the net past Neuer. 

Bayern captain Lahm to take next... cool and composed. 3-2 to the Germans.

Lampard to take now for Chelsea = Smashing drive into the bottom right hand corner. 

UEFA's Best Player Ribery... calmly slotted past Cech to make it 4-3, cheeky but an important penalty to score. 

Ashley Cole now for Chelsea, can he score? He missed for England against Italy - GOAL. Hits both posts but slides into the bottom corner of the net. Nerve-racking, 4-4.  

Youngster Xherdan Shaqiri to take for Bayern.... GOAL! Shaqiri with a powerful strike to make it 5-4. Now Chelsea must score.

Lukaku has to score, or Bayern win - SAVE!! Neuer with a diving save to deny the young Belgian, as Bayern Munich win 5-4 on penalties after a late, tense 120 minute match. 

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