Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Thoughts - Mad Mario Balotelli

Whether you love him or hate him, I for one will miss his presence in the EPL.

It was just his attitude that let him down during his two and a bit years at Manchester City, and despite all of the chances that former manager Roberto Mancini gave him, he just exploited it. 

You could say that part of the reason for his mad and unexplainable behaviour at City was because of the way that he was brought up as a child.

But, you cannot deny his quality and ability as a young black goalscorer. He is one of the few young strikers that stand out - for the right and wrong reasons. He could become one of the best in the world if he develops in Italy, and possibly will feel more comfortable back in his home country.

Top 5 reasons why he will be remembered for the BAD:

5: Threw darts at Manchester City youth players, because he was "bored."
4: His infamous "Why Always Me" celebration during the 6-1 
thrashing of Manchester United.
3: Set his house on fire by shooting fireworks in his bathroom - DESPITE being Manchester City's fire safety aambassador.
2: He has had his luxury Maserati car impounded 27 times.
1: Started fights with;
Jerome Boateng
Vincent Kompany
Micah Richards
Yaya Toure
Roberto Mancini

Top 5 reasons why he will be remembered for "Super Mario"

5: He already has 16 caps for Italy at age 22
4: He scored 30 goals in 80 appearances for Manchester City
3: He has won 11 trophies (individual and club) in his career 
2: He was joint top scorer at Euro 2012 for Italy
1: He is one of the best young strikers in the world

His debut for AC Milan vs Udinese:

Whether you like it or not, Balotelli will be missed in the EPL. 
I will be tracking his progress in Italy, that's for sure..