Saturday, 15 October 2011

EPL LIVE Match Commentary

Saturday's Early Kick-off: Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0

25: Luis Suarez with a volley as De Gea off his line...... JUST OVER THE BAR!!!!!
27: Cross by Jose Enrique.... cleared away by Jonny Evans.
28: Lucas Leiva with a foul on J-Sung Park. Yellow Card.
30: Suarez with the ball, twists and turns past Ferdinand and then shoots..... deflected and now it is a corner kick to Liverpool.
31: Corner kick taken by Steven Gerrard, cleared away by Ryan Giggs.
31: Still goaless here at Anfield. Wayne Rooney, Hernandez and Nani the notable absences for United both on the bench.
31: Phil Jones in the centre of midfield instead of defence for United as Ferdinand and Smalling in the heart of defence.
32: Cross by Steven Gerrard, out for a goal kick. Goal kick taken by David De Gea.
33: Throw-in by Martin Kelly for Liverpool.
35: Luis Suarez with a shot, a lacklustre shot in the 16 yard box and De Gea parries the ball away easily which Rio Ferdinand clears.
36: Manchester United's formation has not worked so far and they are not attacking well enough. Liverpool need to capitalize on the golden opportunity.
37: Shot by Darren Fletcher, out for a goal kick taken by Pepe Reina.
40: 5 minutes plus stoppages to play here at Anfield in this mouthwatering derby. So far it is still goaless.
41: Park with the ball for United, takes a shot on goal.... wide.
42: Goal kick taken by De Gea.
43: Gerrard gets past Young and Evra, but Ashley Young trips Steven Gerrard. Yellow card given to Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young. Close to the penalty area. Harsh decision by the referee as Gerrard dived in through a gap.
43: Charlie Adam takes the Liverpool free-kick, David De Gea punches the ball out.
44: Lucas Leiva collides with Phil Jones. They are both on the floor. They are recieving treatment.
45: 2 minutes of added time. Still goaless.
45+1: Throw-in for United.
45+2: Giggs passes the ball to Young, deflected out of play.
45+2: The referee has blown his whistle for half time here at Anfield.

HALF TIME: Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0

45: The referee starts the second half.
52: Ashley Young with a shot for United, saved by Reina and he tips the ball over the bar.
53: Ashley Young with a cross into the box.... Jonny Evans headers the ball in the penalty area..... OVER THE BAR!!!!!!
54: Foul by Rio Ferdinand by Luis Suarez.  Ferdinand has been booked for United.
56: Steven Gerrard with a cross into the box, comfortably saved by De Gea.
Jordan Henderson ON
Lucas Leiva OFF
Kenny Daglish does not want to risk it, doesn't want to go down to ten men against United and subs Lucas.

58: Foul by Luis Suarez on Patrice Evra. Free-kick taken by David De Gea.
59: Foul by Danny Welbeck on Steven Gerrard.
61: Luis Suarez with a shot from 30 yards out..... OVER!
FOUL COUNT: Liverpool 7 Manchester United 7
It's that kind of game here at Anfield. Tempers flaring and it is still goalless. Liverpool are dominating possession and have taken many shots but most of them were off target. Luis Suarez is pushing forward for Liverpool and he has worked hard today. He deserves a goal.

64: Wayne Rooney is warming up for United.
66: Charlie Adam with the ball at his feet, he passes Ferdinand easily...... He has stuck a leg out.... Foul and a free-kick for Liverpool.
66: Patrice Evra has been booked for dissent for United.
68: Steven Gerrard to take the free-kick....... GOAL!!! WHAT A FREE-KICK BY GERRARD ON HIS FIRST GAME BACK FOR LIVERPOOL!!!!!!

69: Manchester United SUB:
Luis Nani ON
Wayne Rooney ON
Ashley Young OFF
J-Sung Park OFF

73: Liverpool are leading here at Anfield finally.....
75: Manchester United SUB:
Javier Hernandez ON
Phil Jones OFF

Desperate times call for desperate measures...... Sir Alex Ferguson must be livid.
Three changes in less than 5 minutes for United...... They have just over 10 minutes to save this match.....

78: Handball by Dirk Kuyt. Free-kick to Liverpool.
80: Javier Hernandez scores a equaliser for United!!!!!!! 1-1. Header by Hernandez from a corner by Nani.
81: Ball in by Jose Enrique... Kuyt shoots..... saved by De Gea.
85: Cross by Stewart Downing.... clearance by Jonny Evans.
86: Less than 5 minutes left of the match plus stoppages to go here at Anfield.

86: SHOT COUNT: Liverpool 10 Manchester United 10.
90: 3 minutes of stoppage time to be added on....
90: Jordan Henderson with a shot for Liverpool....... De Gea saves the ball with one hand as it goes out for a corner.
90+1: Wayne Rooney runs back to the penalty area and saves United from conceding a goal from the corner.
90+3: The referee blows the whistle for full time.

FULL TIME: Liverpool 1 Manchester United 1
Steven Gerrard scored and broke the deadlock for Liverpool in the 68th minute on his first start for Liverpool this season.
Javier Hernandez scored a late equaliser in the 81st minute for United as United stay unbeaten in the EPL this season.

FACT: If City beat Villa today, they will go top of the table and leapfrog rivals United.

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