Thursday, 26 June 2014

Suarez in the headlines yet again... BANNED FOR 4 MONTHS, REACTION:

When will he learn? Not once, not twice but THREE times that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has decided to angrily BITE a player, which is just beyond comprehension. 

He has had all the professional help that one could ask for, and despite his clear talent as a footballer, he cannot control his anger on the pitch.

Just a couple of days ago, everyone was praising him for how he handled his country's match against England - playing with an injured knee and still happening to score 2 goals against the Three Lions and leave their World Cup hopes hanging by a thread. 

Suarez has gone from zero to hero, and then back to zero after his unjustifiable actions
Stealing the show: Suarez shook off a knee injury to score a brace against England last week
But now, he'll be in the headlines again as the man who couldn't learn from his mistakes and this could arguably end his spell in England, based on how the next couple of months go. 

As a football fan, you will obviously be disappointed as the beautiful game that we all know and love is being tarnished by a silly, reckless act. IF you didn't know, there was a match yesterday - Italy join the likes of Spain, England and Cameroon out of the World Cup.

But the headlines and media attention will all be on Suarez yet again. And already people are suggesting he should be banned for life. Just wow.

It has been confirmed that Suarez has been given a 4-month ban from all "footballing activity" - as well as a 9 match ban from club football for Liverpool.

And now the pressure will be on his club to perform again without their star man, despite his key influence on their performances over the last few seasons. 

 The league's top scorer last season, and will be sorely missed in the early stages of the season
Suarez's involvement helped the club to a top 4 finish for Liverpool, the first time since 2008-09
Lambert, Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho among others will be under increasing pressure to play well without their talisman, especially as they have UEFA Champions League football to look forward to, and he will miss the first three games. 

Here are the Premier League matches that Suarez will miss -

Such a shame, for a player this good to be missing football for so long, due to a stupid action. What makes it worse is the fact that he has done it before, seeked professional help and is still BITING. 

Not a good advert for the sport, the headlines are all around Suarez again, for the un-desirable reasons.